Round Ceiling Medallion Wholesale Decorative Ceiling Tiles


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Round Ceiling Medallion Wholesale Decorative Ceiling Tiles

OD: 67 cm – 263/8”

Round Ceiling Medallion Wholesale | Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Model BA1067A
Type Ceiling Medallion
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Outside Diameter (CM – INCH”) 67 – 263/8”

Our Round Ceiling Medallion collection features the perfect accent for creating an elegant, classic space. Set in a beautiful aged finish, this medallion is surrounded by a graceful cutout flange and includes mounting hardware.

A round ceiling medallion is a perfect way to enhance the look of your dining room, kitchen or bathroom. Available in many sizes, shapes and designs, our collection brings an ornate element to any décor.

The BA1061C Ceiling Medallion is 24 1/8″ in diameter.

Ceiling medallions are the perfect finishing touch for your interior design project. Use them to add luxury and charm to a ceiling fan or light fixture, or get creative and try them on walls for a pleasing, modern look that will impress all of your guests! Their innovative and lightweight design makes it easy to mount them to vertical surfaces.

Some of our medallions come with pre-cut holes, while others do not. If you need a hole in your medallion to install with a fixture or fan, we’d be more than happy to drill it for you — just select that option before adding the medallion to
checkout. Or, if you’d prefer, you may drill the hole yourself. Polyurethane is durable and easy to work with, and you only need a hole large enough for the wiring of your fixture to fit through.

Installing Without Damaging the Finish
We recommend using a generous amount of construction adhesive during installation and holding the medallion in place, momentarily, while the adhesive takes effect. Then, you can use low-tack painter’s tape to continue holding the medallion in place while the adhesive dries.
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Round Ceiling Medallion

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