How to install Pu decoration moulding?

How to install Pu decoration moulding?


1. First, mark the positioning mark on the wall.

2. Mark the black positioning line on the wall, draw the intersection points on both sides on the ceiling, make 45 degree diagonal points, and mark the cutting point.

3. Using cutting machine to cut, the Pu line with the width of more than 12 cm can not be cut. A saw is needed to fix the line in cutting. It’s better to cut 5 mm more than the required size

4. On the back of Pu decorative lines, the place where the ceiling contacts the wall should be coated with non-butyl glue, and the glue at the interface should not be filled evenly. There is also the interface, the best in the Pu line behind a block of wood, in order to prevent the line pull.

5. Fix the thread board on the wall with an air gun, and the nails inside the air gun should be authentic stainless dry nails. If it’s a concrete wall, fix it with steel nails.

6. If there is a gap in the butt joint of Pu angle line, please use art knife to trim it, and then use sand.

7. After the thread board is installed, the gap shall be filled with patching glue or Silikon, or filled with soil. Repair nail holes with putty.

8. When the spilled glue is not dry, wipe it with a wet cloth.

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