How to make a flower arrangement with fake flowers

How to make a flower arrangement with fake flowers



With the right supplies and a little know-how, you can create a beautiful arrangement with artificial flowers that will last for years to come. Follow my step-by-step tutorial and you’ll soon be decorating with silk flowers like a pro!

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Choose a vessel.

If you’re going to make a flower arrangement using fake flowers, then you’ll need to choose the vessel (or container) in which you will place the flowers. The size of this vessel is important because it must be large enough to hold all of your fake flowers and a few other decorative objects without being so huge that it dominates your room.

When choosing a vase, think about how much space you want it take up in relation to other items in your home. Also consider its color and style; if they don’t match what’s already there, then they may look out of place when put together with other things on display.

Since everything else about this project is fake—including the water used for watering—you should make sure that whatever container you use has been thoroughly cleaned and dried before adding any real liquid into it! You don’t want mold or mildew forming inside as well as outside on top where we can see it…

Cut your stems so that they are all the same height, and put them at the ready in the vase.

Cut your stems so that they are all the same height, and put them at the ready in the vase. You should cut them just above a leaf to make sure they’re all at the same height.

If you’re using fake flowers (like I did), you’ll also want to measure each stem before cutting it. This is because faux blooms tend to be much shorter than real flowers, and if your rose looks like it’s reaching up toward a ceiling light fixture then you’ve got some work to do!

Choose your focal flowers.

Your focal flowers are the most important element of your arrangement. They will be what draws the eye and makes your arrangement striking.

1.Choose flowers that are in season. Just like with fresh flowers, choosing flowers that are in season will ensure you’re getting a full-bodied bouquet at an affordable price point. Also, if you’re making a floral arrangement for someone else to enjoy, it’s always nice to give them something they can enjoy all year long!

2.Choose similar-colored flowers in different sizes and shapes for balance and contrast—think about how this will affect the overall look of your arrangement when you’re selecting them! For example: If your main flower is peacock feathers (like I used here), then choose two or three other types of colorful buds as well as some white roses or lillies at varying heights around it so they don’t overpower each other visually; this creates an eye-catching focal point while still keeping things looking balanced overall!

3.Try using textures like matte satin ribbon instead (which has its own soft shine) on top layer over shiny satin ribbon underneath because it gives extra depth without being distracting – perfect if making an event centerpiece!

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Add filler flowers.

Fillers are smaller flowers that you can use to fill in the gaps between bigger flowers, or the stems, or even the vase itself. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors to match your arrangement.

Use filler flowers sparingly – they add detail and depth, but they’re not as important as larger blooms.

Place fillers in the arrangement.

When you have a strong color palette, use filler flowers to fill in the gaps between the main flowers. Filler flowers are any smaller flowers that can be used to help balance the arrangement and add texture and dimension. These include leaves, berries and other foliage.

Add more filler flowers.

Now it’s time to add some filler flowers, or greenery. Greenery is basically any kind of stem or leafy material used to fill out the bouquet. You can add in some baby’s breath, which is a very popular choice for weddings because it’s so pretty and delicate-looking—but if you want something more exotic, try adding in some eucalyptus leaves or bamboo shoots!

Follow these steps to make a beautiful fake flower arrangement to decorate your home or give as a gift

1.Choose a vessel that’s the right size. To make sure your arrangement looks full, you want to make sure the vessel is large enough to accommodate all of your flowers. You also want it to be deep enough so that when you add water, it doesn’t spill over the top and into other components of the arrangement (like filler flowers). We recommend using an 8-inch round bowl for this project because it works well with our choice of flowers and provides plenty of surface area for layering them on top of each other without creating a messy look.

2.Cut stems to fit inside your chosen vessel

3.Pick out three focal flowers—one large focal flower (such as roses), two medium-sized ones (such as carnations) and one small one (such as baby’s breath)—for this project so that they look good together in both color and texture


That’s it! You now have a beautiful fake flower arrangement that you can keep for yourself or give away to a friend or loved one. You don’t have to be a professional florist to make this happen, but with the right materials and some creativity, anyone can create something special with fake flowers.

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