Black color paste for slab foam


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Black color paste for slab foam

easy incorporation with polyether polyol.
high concentration.
good dispersion

Black color paste for slab foam for wholesale

Pu paint, Pu color paste for foam and shoe sole, IMC, Leather color paste, Fam spray paint.
Pu paint and color paste for auto-steering wheels.
Pu water base paint for rigid foam, slab foam, automobile industry
Pu water base paint for Earplug, Powder puff, Facial Puff. Hydrophilic sponge
Pu release agent for LR foam, HR foam, Elastomer, Integral skin, Automobile Industry. etc.
Pu water base release agent for HR foam, LR foam, integral skin, Automobile industry, etc.
Pu addictive: anti-yellowing agent, fire retardant, catalyst, modifier, etc.
Pu systems for Pu construction building materials, Spray insulations, Panels, Sport goods, Wheels, Toys, Imitated plant, Shoes, Home products, Seal strip, Filter, Auto parts. etc.

(1). Please place the product in a cool and dry ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.
(2). It is forbidden to open, away from the heat sources, to prevent static electricity.
(3). The products are strictly forbidden to contact with heavy metal ions, acid and alkaline substances flammable materials, etc.
(4). If not used for a long time, some specifications of the products will have a separate reservoir phenomenon, please a little stir well before use.

Packing: 35KG OR 200KG
Storage: Store in dry and ventilated places. must be sealed completely after opening.
Shelf life: 12months. storage temperature: 15°~33°

black pu color paint 1
black pu color paint 1
black pu color paint 2
black pu color paint 2
black pu color paint 1
black pu color paint 1
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