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L: 120cm W: 60cm H: 10cm

L: 471/4” W: 235/8” H: 38/9”

Size : 120 * 60 * (2-6) CM
Economical, Lightweight than real stone, Easy to install and cut, you can according to you need size to choose, Great durable, not easy broken, Energy saving, Green and environment friendly, Weather-resistant, if you need also can do fireproof, Free maintenance, saving installs costs, One series has 4 pcs different design, More like a real stone, adding more possibilities to your design.


Model H2988-4
Type PU Culture Stone
Style Natural
Color Stone Primer, Can Custom-made
Material Polyurethane
Length (CM – INCH”) 120 – 471/4”
Width (CM – INCH”) 60 – 235/8”
High (CM – INCH”) 10 – 38/9”

Culture Stone Suppliers Cultured Stone Wall Panel

Culture Stone Suppliers Cultured Stone Wall Panel

The Culture stone is fast becoming one of the most popular products for builders and property owners across world. This man-made stone is used to create a natural and timeless look and, quite often, it’s hard to see the difference between culture stone and the real thing.

The real benefit of using cultured stone is being able to create a desired look by blending different styles together and maintaining continuity in colour and size.

The Culture stone not heavy like real stone would, can saveing install cost,making them maintenance free. Should you decide to install outside, a clear coat of UV reflecting urethane would need to be applieded to prevent any fading of the finished stain.

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