Interior Cornice Molding Interior Decoration


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Interior Cornice Molding Interior Decoration

H: 10cm W: 9.2cm B: 13.6cm L: 240cm

H: 38/9” W: 35/8” B: 53/8” L: 941/2

  • The crown molding material is polyurethane.
  • Compound (not Styrofoam and gypsum).
  • Polyurethane is durable and 100% waterproof.
  • Can do any color, if you need.
  • The material can be sanded to shape just like wood.
  • Easy to install; termite resistant.


Type Molding/Cornice
Color White Primerx, Can custom-made
Material Polyurethane
Height (CM – INCH”) 10 – 38/9”
Width (CM – INCH”) 9.2 – 35/8”
Breadth (CM – INCH”) 13.6 – 53/8”
Length (CM – INCH”) 240 – 941/2”

Interior Cornice Molding Interior Decoration

Interior Cornice Molding

Our interior cornice molding is a quick and easy way to add crown or baseboard trim to your project. Commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways, it is easily adaptable to any style of decor.
This interior cornice molding is a functional, decorative trim that adds depth to walls and ceilings. Cornice moldings are typically hung horizontally across a ceiling or one or more walls in rooms without vaulted ceilings.
Enhance your interior with this elegant cornice molding. Create a dramatic focal point for walls with this gorgeous home decor accessory that adds an eye-catching accent to your décor and provides a perfect finishing touch.
This decorative cornice molding offers an elegant, yet simple design that can be used in any room of the house. Great for recessed lighting, picture frames and decorative wall art.

Breadth – the distance between the outer contact point with the ceiling to the bottom contact point with the wall.

Height – the distance between the ceiling and the bottom contact point with the wall.

Width – the distance between the wall and outer contact point with the ceiling. The breadth is the hypotenuse of the right triangle whose legs are the width and the height.

A cornice forms a visual transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and adds dynamism to your interior. The multitude of styles and finishes is also unrivalled: from sleek to modern to ornamented, classic or big to impress. and you know that the result will be good enough to frame.

Why are the cornices of oscare the best choice? Brief answer: because of their clear added value:

The pu material

Our cornice, made from light, strong and durable materials, are extremely easy to install. use glue and nail , you can finsih fast

Immediately paintable

oscare cornice ceiling mouldings are immediately paintable, as they are supplied with a white primer layer. This means that you can paint them in your desired colour so they will fit your interior perfectly and Polyurethane is durable and 100% waterproof.

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