White Ceiling Medallion Contemporary Top Tile Ceiling Planks


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White Ceiling Medallion Contemporary Top Tile Ceiling Planks

OD: 61.3cm ID: 9.3cm

OD: 241/8” ID: 32/3”

White Ceiling Medallion Contemporary | Top Tile Ceiling Planks

Model BA1061C
Type Ceiling Medallion
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Outside Diameter (CM – INCH”) 61.3 – 241/8”
Inside Diameter (CM – INCH”) 9.3 – 32/3”

This white ceiling medallion is a perfect accent to your room, adding a sophisticated touch and a classic look, while keeping your decor simple. This ceiling medallion comes in a variety of sizes to fit almost any room.

White ceiling medallions help to create a gorgeous painted ceiling, add a refined look and will make you home look more expensive than it is.

The BA1061C Ceiling Medallion is 24 1/8″ in diameter.

The fine detailing of this ceiling ornament has a magnificent effect on your space. Installation remark: It is necessary to screw this profile on the wall.

Traditionally, Ceiling Roses are used as a decorative piece on the ceilings to add grandeur to the chandeliers.
Today, some designers are using ceiling roses as a decorative ornament made by polyurethane for the ceilings and walls

Some of our medallions come with pre-cut holes, while others do not. If you need a hole in your medallion to install with a fixture or fan, we’d be more than happy to drill it for you — just select that option before adding the medallion to
checkout. Or, if you’d prefer, you may drill the hole yourself. Polyurethane is durable and easy to work with, and you only need a hole large enough for the wiring of your fixture to fit through.

Installing Without Damaging the Finish
We recommend using a generous amount of construction adhesive during installation and holding the medallion in place, momentarily, while the adhesive takes effect. Then, you can use low-tack painter’s tape to continue holding the medallion in place while the adhesive dries.
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White Ceiling Medallion Contemporary

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2 reviews for White Ceiling Medallion Contemporary Top Tile Ceiling Planks

  1. timmy

    This medallion was perfect for my dining room. I needed to move the light over about 6 inches but I didn’t want to worry about dry walking over the old location and having to paint the whole ceiling so the spot wouldn’t show. This was the perfect solution! Looks awesome, hides the old hole. I am getting lots of compliments.

    Image #1 from timmy
  2. Chris

    ABSOLUTELY beautiful!! This is stunning and has added much beauty to our light fixture. I purchased this to cover the original hole since we were moving the light over about 15″. It did a really good job.We screwed it to the ceiling, counter sunk the holes and I caulked around the area where it met the ceiling and the screw holes so no cracks would show and it turned out great. I chose not to paint it, but having the choice to do so opens up many options.

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